POLIMP - Climate Policy Info Hub

Climate Policy Info Hub

The Climate Policy Info Hub is the POLIMP Knowledge Platform that offers evidence on climate policy options in the form of knowledge packages. These knowledge packages are compiled by a group of independent climate policy researchers and are hosted online at this knowledge platform accessible at http://climatepolicyinfohub.eu.

This useful web-based tool serves as a knowledge base on climate change mitigation, adaptation, technology transfer, finance and market mechanisms, offering many functionalities to make exploration of impacts and implications of international and EU climate policy as easy and accessible as possible for decision-makers in policy, business and civil society.

Knowledge packages at the Climate Policy Info Hub are thematically categorized under major Issues, such as:

  • Adaptation
  • Energy Efficiency
  • EU Climate Policy
  • International Climate Policy¬†
  • Emission Trading

Further tagging is offered under specific Sectors, including Agriculture, Energy, Households, Industry and Transport. This structure of multi-level clustering of knowledge packages is designed in order to facilitate search and reveal links among different aspects of climate policy. A broad selection of Keywords is also available to enable visitors to track down specific knowledge packages according to their interests.

The Climate Policy Info Hub offers an attractive interface, with articles of high quality and journalistic style. A full list of references and further reading suggestions at the end of each article, however, offer a lot more than a quick overview to those who wish to further elaborate on their subject of choice.

The constantly updated and enriched content renders the POLIMP Climate Policy Info Hub a living and active platform, oriented at reflecting latest knowledge and conveying it to users from the heart of climate policy negotiations.

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