POLIMP - Climate Policy Database

Climate Policy Database

The purpose of the Climate Policy Database is to develop an ontology for annotating and structuring the knowledge related to climate policies and provide a database that allows exploration, editing and extension of the concentrated knowledge. The developed database facilitates the search of information related to climate policies based on specific keywords, which in turn facilitates data re-use and integration.

The registered resources correspond, but are not limited to, the references used in the Climate Policy Info Hub knowledge packages and come from a wide range of up-to-date sources. Publications of the IPCC and those of institutions such as the UNFCCC secretariat, OECD, IEA, IRENA, UNEP or those of renowned researchers and institutes are considered throughout the knowledge collection process. They are of great importance and value when addressing issues like the effectiveness of a new international regime in terms of delivering the required mitigation objectives, projected socio-economic impacts, the role of low carbon technology development and transfer, relationship between climate change and land-use trends, trends in energy prices, etc.

More in detail, the Climate Policy Database presents in a structured way all the sources that POLIMP brings together findings from:

  • climate policy analysis projects
  • legal studies,
  • studies on existing and new market mechanisms
  • projects on international cooperation and technology transfer
  • financial aspects of climate policy.

The collection is enhanced by research papers, scientific reports, decisions, articles and organizations’ websites.

The collected resources are structured and tagged under the same Issues, Sectors and Keywords introduced by the Climate Policy Info Hub, therefore facilitating search and further research activities. The outcome is a living database, which will be enhanced throughout the project's duration by relevant projects and discussion outcomes of climate negotiations.