POLIMP Webinars

POLIMP Webinars

POLIMP Webinar Series aim at actively engaging stakeholders and developing the POLIMP community. Each webinar was hosted at its own Google Hangout page, which was announced before its implementation, well in advance. Questions and comments could be sent by email (questions@polimp.eu) or via Twitter (#POLIMPQuestions) before the event, while a Q&A App was available on the Google Hangout event page during the live webinar.

You can find the Podcasts here: 

Final POLIMP Webinar

20 April 2016

8th POLIMP Webinar

06 April 2016

7th POLIMP Webinar

08 March 2016

6th POLIMP Webinar

19 February 2016

5th POLIMP Webinar

26 January 2016

4th POLIMP Webinar

26 November 2015

3rd POLIMP Webinar

28 October 2015

2nd POLIMP Webinar

16 September 2015

1st POLIMP Webinar

07 July 2015